Studies of the Central Europen Professors’ Network

The book series Studies of the Ferenc Mádl Institute seeks to publish the most significant and intriguing results of the researches conducted by colleagues of the Ferenc Mádl Institute of The book series Studies of the Central European Professors’ Network publishes the results of research by members of the Central European Professors’ Network with the coordination of the Budapest-based Ferenc Mádl Institute of Comparative Law. The primary aim of the series is to present and address legal issues that are strongly related to the Central European region, taking into account the particular legal traditions, culture, and approach of the countries therein. The authenticity of the books can be seen in the fact that renowned authors from the Central European region write about the legal instruments of countries of the Central European region in English. The book series aims to establish itself as a comparative legal research forum by contributing to the stronger cooperation of the countries concerned and by ensuring the “best practices” and making different legal solutions available and interpretable to all of the states in Central Europe. However, it also aims to provide insights and detailed analyses of these topics to all interested legal scholars and legal practitioners outside the region so that they might become acquainted with the legal systems of Central European countries regarding a great variety of subjects.