800 Years of the Hungarian Golden Bull: The Golden Bull in Context

date: 31 March 2022

location: Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Budapest

presenters: János Ede Szilágyi, Sir John Hamilton Baker, Aniceto Masferrer, Helle Vogt, Bernd Kannowski, Christophe Chabrot, Jan Kober, Srđan Šarkić, Mária Homoki-Nagy, Elemér Balogh

moderators: Emőd Veress

themes: 800 Years of the Hungarian Golden Bull: The Golden Bull in Context

On the 800th anniversary of the Golden Bull of 1222 issued by Andrew II of Hungary the Ferenc Mádl Institute of Comparative Law organizes an international symposium which brings together legal historians from all over Europe to celebrate the rich history of the continent and to remember the main medieval edicts regarding rights and freedoms.

The event took place at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA, Felolvasóterem, Széchenyi square 9, Budapest, Hungary).

Agenda of the conference

Conference moderator: Emőd Veress, Professor, Sapientia University of Transylvania, Head of Department, Ferenc Mádl Institute of Comparative Law

10.00-10.20 Opening of the conference – János Ede Szilágyi, Professor, University of Miskolc, Head of Ferenc Mádl Institute of Comparative Law

10.20-10.40 Magna Carta 1215, before, and after – Sir John Hamilton Baker, Professor, University of Cambridge, UK (online presentation)

10.40-11.00 The Spanish origins of limiting royal power in the medieval Western world: The Cortes of León (1188) – Aniceto Masferrer, Professor, University of Valencia, Spain

11.00-11.20 Coffee break

11.20-11.40 Defining the king’s authority. Power struggle and compromise in 13th century Danish politics – Helle Vogt, Professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

11.40-12.00 The German Golden Bull of 1356 – Bernd Kannowski, Professor, University of Bayreuth, Germany

12.00-13.00 Lunch (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

13.00-13.20 The Paradoxical Framework of French Royal Power – Christophe Chabrot, Maître de Conférences, Université Lumiére Lyon 2, France

13.20-13.40 The Golden Bull of Sicily: Facticity, Memory and Interpretation – Jan Kober, Institute of State and Law of the Czech Academy of Sciences

13.40-14.00 Constitutional Norms in Serbian Medieval Law – Srđan Šarkić, Professor, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Law, Serbia

Coffee break

14.20-14.40 The Hungarian Golden Bull’s Provisions and its Private Law Aspects – Mária Homoki-Nagy, Professor, University of Szeged, Hungary

14.40-15.00 The Hungarian Golden Bull and its European Equivalents – Elemér Balogh, Professor, University of Szeged, Hungary

Pursuant to the activities of the Ferenc Mádl Institute of Comparative Law as defined by law, these being of a public nature, audio and video recordings will be made of the event, with the purpose of recording the activities of the Institute and to verify the organization of the events. Such recordings may be published on the online interfaces where the Institute is present (such as our website, YouTube Channel, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles etc.).

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