Mission, strategy, vision

The Ferenc Mádl Institute of Comparative Law basically organizes its activities around three functions:
I. Applied Legal Research: Comparative legal expertise for government actors in the decision-making phase.
II. Basic Legal Research: research conducted at an institutional level and also individually by MFI staff.
III. Building a multifunctional national and international network: to enhance the impact of the above activities and to enforce other government priorities.

When building MFI’s capabilities, using its capacity and resources, applied legal research is a top priority. Applied legal research is confidential according to the needs of governmental actors. This research is profitable even in the short-term for the government which provides the research funding. In contrast, a significantly smaller proportion of MFI resources are used for basic legal research and networking. Such activities are long-term return on investment compared to applied research. External actors are to a large extent involved in basic research and external actors are the basis for networking.