Organisation and operation

The Ferenc Mádl Institute of Comparative Law (MFI) is a governmental administrative body (more specifically, a central office) which operate as a central budgetary institution and is directly managed by the Minister of Justice. The Head of Institute is appointed by the Minister of Justice for a term of five years. The Institute is supported by a Scientific Advisory Board. The Institute carries out its activities in accordance with the annual work plan approved by the Minister.

Honorary President of the MFI: Prof. Dr. László Trócsányi

Head of MFI: Prof. Dr. János Ede Szilágyi

Deputy Head of the MFI: Dr. Gábor F. Tóth

The Institute currently employs 32 researchers, including executives. The Institute shall carry out its tasks within the following four departments, with the assistance of a Secretariat of the Head of Institute:

Department of Public Law – Head: Prof. Dr. Zoltán Nagy

Department of Private Law – Head: Prof. Dr. Emőd Veress

Department of International and EU Law – Head: Dr. Márta Benyusz

Department of Science and Research Network Management – Head: Dr. Zoltán József Fazakas PhD.

Data protection officer of MFI: dr. Klaudia Szerdalácz