Legal Heritage

The book series Legal Heritage seeks to publish significant and intriguing results of the research related to the most relevant historical sources of law in Central and Eastern Europe. Each volume of the book series primarily aims to commemorate the anniversary of a relevant moment in the regions’ legal history. It is also an important goal of this series to authentically present and address legal issues which arise related to the Central and Eastern European region, considering the particular legal traditions and culture of the countries therein. The series mostly presents the essays of acclaimed scholars of the given field of law. The book series mainly concerns legal history; however, the papers can involve also constitutional, public, private, or comparative law issues. The first volume of the series was published on the 800th anniversary of the birth of the Hungarian Golden Bull. This book is entitled Golden Bulls and Chartas: European Medieval Documents of Liberties.

Golden Bulls and Chartas: European Medieval Documents of Liberties

Elemér Balogh


The Golden Bull, issued 800 years ago, in 1222, by King Andrew II (reigned 1205-1235), undoubtedly brought about very important reforms in the medieval Kingdom of Hungary. As it grants certain freedoms and shapes the exercise of the royal power, it is comparable to the Magna Charta from 1215, however, the differences are also very […]