Annual Scientific Conference of the Central European Academy

date: 21 September 2023 - 22 September 2023

location: Budapest

presenters: Tímea Barzó, Ede János Szilágyi, Márta Benyusz, Enikő Krajnyák, Marcin Wielec, Bartosz Rakoczy, Petar Bačić, Anita Klimas, Julia Starybrat, Antoni Piechocki, Agnieszka Tomczewska, Joanna Tomczuk, Wojciech Miroń, Joanna Klimczak, Zbigniew Więckowski, Mariusz Książek, Jakub Nagy, Tena Konjević, Marianna Russo, Melinda Kocsis, további előadókat lásd a programban

moderators: Paweł Sobczyk, Marek Bielecki, Konrad Walczuk, Joanna Klimczak, Nóra Jakab, Nóra Béres, Attila Horváth, Márta Benyusz, Zsófia Biró, Anikó Raisz, Erika Csemáné Váradi, Ede János Szilágyi, Ágnes Juhász, Sára Julianna Traser, Bartłomiej Oręziak, Attila Dudás, Michal Radvan, more moderators can be found in the programme

themes: adoption; consumer protection; energy and water law; environmental and climate protection; EU law; international and national criminal law; labor and social law; obligation law; space law; tax law... more themes

less themes

On 21–22 September 2023, the Central European Academy will organize the second edition of the Annual Scientific Conference of the Central European Academy (ASCEA) in cooperation with the Faculty of Law of the University of Miskolc, Ferenc Mádl Institute of Comparative Law and the Central European Association for Comparative Law. The conference aims to bring together outstanding young researchers from the Central European region in order to provide a platform where the future generation of legal scholars can discuss the most relevant and topical legal issues of the region.

The exchange of ideas on innovative and well-functioning regulatory measures and good practices contributes to a higher level of cooperation between different neighboring countries and enables participants to develop a common Central European approach to these issues.

The conference was divided into several thematic panels, each one of them organized by Ph.D. students of the Central European Comparative Law program at the Ferenc Deák Doctoral School of Law at the University of Miskolc and research interns at the Central European Academy. Topics of the panels were focusing on issues relating to adoption, consumer protection, energy and water law, environmental protection and climate change, EU law, international and domestic criminal law, labor law and social security issues, law of obligations, real estate law, space law, and tax law.

Agenda of the Conference:


Videos of the presentations:

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