Diaspora Policies in the 21st Century – New Answers for New Challenges

date: 28 March 2022

location: Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Budapest

presenters: Russell, Martin, Weinbaum, Laurence, Wetzel, Tamás, Waterbury, Myra, Douani, Nadav, Anaz, Necati, Gazsó, Dániel, Aleksandravičius, Egidijus, Genys, Dainius, Molnár, Balázs, Domaniczky, Endre, Bošnjak, Milan, Brkljač, Ivan, Valentinčič, Dejan, Gujon, Arno, Badowski, Jan, Pralong, Sandra-Marylin-Andreea, Krátký, Jiří

moderators: Zoltán Kántor, Zoltán József Fazakas, Dániel Gazsó, Bálint Kovács

themes: The Relationship between Kin-state and Diaspora: Diaspora Policy in Public Administration; Diaspora Policies in Theory and Practice; Diaspora Policies in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe: Best Practices

The conference entitled “Diaspora Politics in the 21st Century” was held on March 28 and 29 at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, jointly organized by the Ferenc Mádl Institute for Comparative Law and the State Secretariat for National Policy of the Prime Minister’s Office and the National Policy Research Institute.
The international event was supported by the Gábor Bethlen Fund with the aim of presenting their best practices and experiences through professional discussions and plenary presentations by scientists from neighboring and some more distant countries (the United States and Israel).

An English summary of the event can be viewed by clicking here.

Programme of the event:

Videos of the presentations:

Photos from the conference:

The conference was supported by the Gábor Bethlen Fund (Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt.).

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