International Scientific Conference – „Legal responses of migration challenges – View of Young Researchers”

30 August 2023

It is the great pleasure that we invite you to participate in the third edition of the International Scientific Conference, during which young scientists have the opportunity to present their research results before a group of experts of international rank.

The scientific committee brings together prominent specialists from all over Europe:

Prof. Marcin Wielec (Poland), Prof. Davor Derencinovic (Croatia), Prof. Paweł Sobczyk (Poland), Prof. János Ede Szilágyi (Hungary), Prof. Cristian Mihes (Romania), Prof. Tímea Barzó (Hungary), Prof. Katarzyna Zombory (Hungary), Prof. Frane Staničić (Croatia), Prof. Erika Csemáné Váradi (Hungary), Prof. Nóra Béres (Hungary), Prof. Dalibor Đukić (Serbia), Prof. Samo Bardutzky (Slovenia), Prof. Gregor Maučec (Slovenia), Prof. Katarína Šmigová (Slovakia), Prof. Ľudmila Elbert (Slovakia), Prof. Fábián Gyula (Romania), Prof. Kateřina Frumarova (Czech Republic), Prof. David Sehnálek (Czech Republic), Mateusz Tchórzewski PhD (Poland), Bartłomiej Oręziak PhD (Poland).

This year’s conference, entitled Legal responses of migration challenges – View of Young Researchers, will be held online on September 15, 2023 (start at 10 am.)

We extend a warm invitation to join us in following this exceptional event via our live stream on the IWS Facebook page, where all relevant information will be posted. The link to the transmission will be available one day prior to the conference on the event’s Facebook page.

Link to the event on Facebook:

The event is organized within the framework of the Central European Professors’ Network, coordinated by the Central European Academy.

The conference is a dissemination event of dr. Bartlomiej Oręziak within the framework of the research group “Migration Challenges – Legal Responses”, led by Prof. Marcin Wielec within the Central European Professors’ Network project.

The event was held under the honorary patronage of the Department of Criminal Procedure of the Faculty of Law and Administration of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw.

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