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2022. 4. quarter year

Hajnalka Szinek Csütörtök: The current legislation on land protection in Slovakia with particular regard to the decision of the Slovak Constitutional Court on unconstitutional provisions of the Act on land acquisition
Pál Szentpáli-Gavallér: The emergence and limits of state supremacy: A comparative analysis of the powers of the Prince of Transylvania and the Habsburgs holding the Hungarian royal title
Flóra Orosz – Noémi Suri – Renáta Hrecska-Kovács – Péter Szőke: Constitutional protection of the environment with particular regard to the Hungarian, German, Italian and Belgian constitutional regulation
Emőd Veress: Sale of agricultural lands located outside built-up area in Romania: novelty elements introduced by Law no. 175/2020
Dávid Hojnyák – Álmos Ungvári: Responses of the Member States of the Visegrád Group to the coronavirus pandemic, in particular the special legal order introduced by the States concerned