You can find a list of all publications published by the researchers of the Mádl Ferenc Institute of Comparative Law here.

2022. 4. quarter year

György Marinkás: Human Rights Aspects of the Acquisition of Agricultural Lands with special regard to the ECtHR Practice concerning the so-called “Visegrád Countries”, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia

Keywords: agricultural land, compensation, foreigners, legal entity, right to property

Roland Lindt: A gap in criminal law harmonization: different reactions to illegal gambling in different legal cultures

Keywords: administrative criminal law, comparative analysis, criminal law, gambling disorder, illegal gambling

Hajnalka Szinek Csütörtök: The current legislation on land protection in Slovakia with particular regard to the decision of the Slovak Constitutional Court on unconstitutional provisions of the Act on land acquisition

Keywords: agricultural land, land transfer law, natural resources, Slovak Republic

Pál Szentpáli-Gavallér: The emergence and limits of state supremacy: A comparative analysis of the powers of the Prince of Transylvania and the Habsburgs holding the Hungarian royal title

Keywords: Habsburgs, Hungarian and Transylvanian sovereignty, Ottoman Empire, Transylvania

Flóra Orosz – Noémi Suri – Renáta Hrecska-Kovács – Péter Szőke: Constitutional protection of the environment with particular regard to the Hungarian, German, Italian and Belgian constitutional regulation

Keywords: constitutional regulation, environmental protection, interest of future generation, protection of nature recourses, sustainable development, the right to environment

Emőd Veress: Sale of agricultural lands located outside built-up area in Romania: novelty elements introduced by Law no. 175/2020

Keywords: agricultural land, preemption rights, prior authorisation of selling, Románia