You can find a list of all publications published by the researchers of the Mádl Ferenc Institute of Comparative Law here.

2020. 4. quarter year

László Dornfeld: ICTs and Sexual Exploitation of Children in Europe
Bálint Kovács: Non-territorial Autonomy in East-Central Europe: What About Romania?
Erika Csemáné Váradi: Harmful Effects of Imprisonment, Overcrowding in Prisons – Facts, Reasons, and the Way Forward
Emőd Veress: Language and Law in Multiethnic Societies: The Case of Transylvania
Zsolt Fegyveresi: Shareholders’ Right to Information – a Comparative Analysis og Hungarian and Romanian Company Law
Zoltán Nagy – Enikő Krajnyák: Comparative Analysis of the French and the Czech Regulation of the Taxation of Digital Companies
Péter Szőke: Is the death penatly terminally ill? Trends in the use of capital punishment around the world today