You can find a list of all publications published by the researchers of the Mádl Ferenc Institute of Comparative Law here.

2021. 4. quarter year

Katarzyna Zombory: The agricultural land trade – Theory and practice (Poznań, 26 November 2020) – Conference report (selected papers
Zoltán Nagy – Enikő Krajnyák: Questions and Problems Regarding the Taxation of Digital Companies
Emőd Veress: Remarks on István Szászy (1899-1976), on the General Part of Hungarian Civil Law and the Role of the Comparative Method in Private Law
Renáta Hrecska-Kovács: Disciplinary proceedings in the United Nations
Noémi Suri: Status Report on the Regulation of Insolvency Law at an EU Level and Its Trends of Transformation and Development
Laura De Negri: Disclosure of the data of state-owned companies in Hungary and Germany, similarities and differences
Laura De Negri: Comparison of official institutions for the promotion of equal treatment in relation to Hungary and Croatia
Hajnalka Csütörtöki Szinek: Remarks on the rules of the Slovak land transfer law
György Marinkás: Some remarks on the ‘Shechita case’ of the ECJ
Gábor Hulkó: Fake news és social media: szabályozás és közigazgatási intézkedések Szlovákiában
Bálint Kovács: On the Brink of Reform of International Investment Dispute Settlement: Comments and Suggestions Regarding Appeal
Márta Benyusz – Gábor Hulkó: Regulation of social media’s public law liability in the Visegrad States