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Established in 2019, the Institute is named after Ferenc Mádl, an academic, an emblematic figure of Hungarian comparative law, an internationally renowned lawyer and President of the Hungarian Republic. During the establishment Ferenc Mádl Institute for Comparative Law (MFI), existing comparative law institutes in other countries served as an important model, in particular the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law which operates under the Federal Ministry of Justice; the Hellenic Institute of International and Foreign Law; and, in some respects, the Max Planck Institute. Beyond the foreign examples, it was also emphasized during the establishment of the MFI that the Institute should also reflect Hungarian national priorities and characteristics both in terms of its spirit, its tasks and its personal and infrastructure capacity.



The Institute shall carry out the following tasks in order to further improve the quality of domestic legislation, increase its international standing and reputation, examine the legislation’s enter into force, support domestic legal research and education, and promote international legal relationships and cooperation:

Carries out comparative international legal research

primarily on the legislative activities, experiences and model solutions of European countries; proposals for domestic legislation and the Government’s legislative plan, and on the examination of legislations’ entry into force

Organization of scientific conferences

and other professional events

International professional relations

pursued in the widest possible range; cooperation with domestic and foreign higher education and research institutes and scientific workshops specializing primarily on international comparative law

Advancing legal science

through research, analyses and publishing activities

Policy analyses

prepared and published on successful exemplary legislative solutions


to the tasks of the Minister of Justice

Legal research

and analyses on its research topics


CEDR-MFI Memorandum of Understanding

CEDR-MFI Memorandum of Understanding

8 February 2020, Rome, La Sapienza Universitá di Roma At the Board of Management Meeting of the European Council for Rural Law (CEDR), the representatives of the Board led by President Geoff Whittaker and the representative of the Ferenc Mádl Institute of Comparative...

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ferenc mádl

Scholar, university professor of law, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Minister without portfolio and later Minister of Culture and Public Education in the first two conservative cabinets between 1990-1994. President of Hungary between 2000-2005.

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