Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day

23 March 2023

March 23 marks Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day. The declaration on its establishment was adopted on March 12, 2007 by a unanimous decision of all members of the Hungarian Parliament. Four days later – on March 16, 2007 – such a resolution was adopted by acclamation by the Polish Parliament.

“Common fates, common heroes, common enemies and common friends, all of these have given rise to and perpetuated a genuine affection and deep friendship between the Polish and Hungarian peoples”, reads the resolution adopted in March 2007 by the Hungarian National Assembly and the Polish Sejm.

The following conferences are the best examples of close cooperation:

Constitutional Values, 24 February 2022

Diaspora Policies in the 21st Century, 28 March 2022

International Public Law from a Central European Perspective, 22 April 2022

Sustainable Finance in European Jurisdictions, 29 April 2022

Legal Regulation of Cross-border Acquisition of Agricultural Lands in Certain Central European Countries, 06 May 2022 

The Right to Privacy – View of Young Researchers, 16 May 2022

The Oxford Deabeta 2022, 20 May 2022

Constitutional framework for the protection of future generations and the environment in the regulation and jurisdiction of certain Central European countries, 26 May 2022

The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age – in general terms, 01 June 2022

Content of the right to parental responsibility in the legal orders of Central and Eastern Europe – Selected problems, 02 June 2022

Legal protection of state and national symbols in Central Europe, 22 June 2022

Conterporary problems in the criminal procedure, 17 October 2022

10 years of the Hungarian Criminal Code: European Challenges, Central European Responses in the Criminal Science of the 21st Century, 08 November 2022 – 09 November 2022

Nation, state and sovereignty, 15 November 2022

Protection of Future Generations in Central Europe: Good Practices and Developments at Constitutional Level, and Current Challenges in the Legal Order, 24 November 2022

Children’s Rights Days, 15 December 2022 – 16 December 2022

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